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You will shoked after reading these fact about horse.......

 A hoofed herbivorous mammal belonging to the equine family. It consists of a single species, Equus cabalas, many of which are called species. Before the advent of mechanized vehicles, horses were widely used as conscripts, and horseback riding was one of the main modes of transportation.

Horses are fascinating creatures. Even if you've never learned to ride, there's a lot to explore while studying it for the rest of your life. Here's the secret to the horse.

Horses sleep standing

         Yes, the horse sleeps standing up! They also sleep lying down, but only for short periods of time. Find out all about the sleeping habits of horses.

Horses cannot burp

  good! Horses can't burp, at least like humans. They cannot vomit or breathe through their mouths like humans. The horse's digestive system is one-way, unlike cattle and other ruminants, which regurgitate to re-chew food. They have a fairly efficient way of processing the tough, fibrous foods that make up forage, but this long, one-way system can cause problems and cause colic.

You can estimate the age of a horse by its teeth

A horse's teeth cannot tell the exact age, but it can be estimated. Horses need proper dental care for their teeth, but special care should be taken when feeding older horses as horses sometimes outlive their teeth. Males have 40 teeth in adulthood (usually around the age of 5), while mares have 36 teeth. In either case, the horse's teeth take up more space in the head than the brain.

Horses can live up to 30 years

  One of the most common questions about horses is "How long do horses live?" The answer may surprise you. Increased knowledge of equine nutrition and care and veterinary medicine. As a result of this, the life expectancy of horses has also increased, just as human life expectancy has increased.

The American Quarter Horse is the most popular dog breed in the world

Acclaimed by both novice and pro riders, the American Quarter Mile is the most popular breed in the world.

Arabian horses have less spine than others breed

The Arabic horse is the basis of many other horse racing breeds. They also have some unique characteristics. Arabic horses have fewer vertebrae, ribs, and coccyx than other horses. A horse's skeleton has about 205 bones, but some Arabian horses have fewer ribs and lumbar vertebrae than are commonly found in other horse breeds.

Horses are herbivores

The way the teeth are formed, the location of the eyes, and the type of digestive system are typical of herbivores.

Horses are a herd animal

Wild horses live in small herds, and domestic horses are more comfortable with a companion. It can be quite stressful for a horse to live alone.2 To make a horse happy, it needs a friend (and possibly a horse).

Horses were domesticated by humans 3000 years ago

Dogs have been domesticated more than 14,000 years ago. Cats are human companion about 8,500 years ago. Although the relationship between horses and humans began a little more recently, some 6,000 years ago, some evidence has emerged that horses may have been domesticated much earlier.

Horses are measured by "hands"

The standard dimension that determines the height of a horse is called the hand. A pony is a horse with less than 14.2 hands. The only horses that do not measure by hand are miniature horses that measure in inches or centimeters.

Most white horses are gray

Most of the white horses you see were actually a much darker color when they were born and gradually turn white. These "white" horses can start with chestnut, chestnut, or almost black. This horse is gray, not white.

A horse's resting breathing rate is about 8-14 breaths per minute

It is important to know your horse's resting pulse and respiration rate. A horse's resting breathing rate may be as low as 8 breaths per minute, but may increase rapidly due to work or pain.

The horse is not native to North America

All horses on the North American continent are descended from European horses. Even the horses we consider "wild" are actually wild horses whose ancestors escaped captivity. Horses disappeared from the Americas over 11,000 years ago, and there is ample fossil evidence of horse ancestors living here before that.

A foal is called a foal

What is the difference between mare, foal and foal? It all depends on gender and age. Generally, a pony is a baby horse. Once weaned from the mother, it is called weaning. However, horses remain mares or foals until they are two years old.

Originally a "horse" was the size of a golden retriever

The original horse was no bigger than the Golden Retriever. The little Hyracotherium would have looked more like a goat or deer, smaller than a modern horse. Hyracotherium lived during the Eocene about 50 million years ago.

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