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Perhaps there is a reason pig are one of a favorite, of children and fairy tales alike.

     Pigs are very clean animals. Pigs don't sweat. Pigs are smarter than dogs. Sow mother sings to her baby. Pigs love to rub their belly. Pigs have a great sense of direction. Pigs love to dream and sleep nose to nose. Pigs have a great memory. Pigs have sharp fangs that help them dig and fight. ... a pig's nostrils are located on a leather snout, which is very sensitive to touch. Pigs use their snouts to find food. Pigs are one of the smartest pets and are much smarter than dogs.

Perhaps there is a reason pig are one of a favorite, of children and fairy tales alike. Pigs are the most intelligent and sociable animals around. Celebrating this year's designation as the Year of the Pig on the Chinese zodiac, here are a few things you might not know about this curly-tailed beauty.

Pigs are domestic more than 9000 years ago.

Scientists estimate that pigs have been around for quite some time. Omnivorous species are one of the oldest livestock types after dogs and goats. Its wild ancestor is believed to be the Eurasian wild boar.

Pigs have few sweat glands.

Consider the classic image of a pig. Perhaps he is rolling in the mud. On a hot day, pigs like to roll in the mud to get dirty, not because they're dirty. Pigs lack heat-releasing sweat glands and have high body fat, so you have to figure out how to avoid sun-frying. Manure allows for comfortable and pleasant personal care while maintaining proper body temperature.

Pigs Can Be Found on Every Continent but Not in Antarctica.

Given How Long Pigs Have Lived, The Range of World Pig Species Spans the Globe. Every Continent Has Some Pigs, Boars and Pigs, With the Exception of Antarctica.

Wild Pigs Cause More Than $1 Billion In Damage Annually in The United States.

Your Typical Piglet Doesn't Feel Threatened, But the Rise of Wild Boars and Invading Pigs Is Another Story. Wild Pigs Cause an Estimated $1.5 Billion Annually in Damage in The United States. Their Foraging Can Ravage Farmland, Trample Crops and Recreation Areas, And Drive Other Wildlife. It Can Also Pose a More Threatening Disease Risk to Livestock and Other Livestock Such As Dogs. Pigs May Not Trample City Buildings Like Godzilla, But the Impact on Farmland Is Far-Reaching and Significant.

The Pigs Are More Than Peoples in Denmark

Denmark Has More Pigs Than People. Some Of This Relates to The Lucrative Meat Industry, Where More Than 5,000 Pig Farms Produce Around 28 million Pigs And 20 million Are Slaughtered Annually. In Contrast, Denmark's Population Is Between 5 And 6 million. In Fact, The Pig Population Is So Valuable That They Have Recently Begun Building A $12 Million Barrier to Prevent Wild Boars (Which May Be A Vector Of African Swine Fever). (Domestic As Well As Non-Human) From Neighboring Germany by Invading Danish Pig Farms.

Pig Is a Video Game Expert

In The 1990's, Researchers at Pennsylvania State University Showed That Pigs, Often Perceived as Dirty and Weak, Have A Strong Aptitude for Video Games. Studies Have Shown That Pigs Are So Smart That They Can Learn to Play with A Joystick Better Than Chimpanzees and Can Learn to Play Better Than the Jack Russell Terrier (A Breed Often Used in Movies Because Of Its Intelligence and Training Ability).

46 Pigs Were Used to Play Wilbur on The Charlotte Website

Wilbur, The Protagonist of E.B. White's Timeless Fairy Tale, Charlotte's Web, Is Perhaps the Most Beloved Pig in Literature. The 2006 Film Adaptation of The Same Name Was Clearly Known for That and Used 46 Piglets to Accurately Portray the Character on The Big Screen. Every Piglet Was Treated Like Hollywood Royalty. After Filming Ended, They Were Looked After and Given a New Home in Australia (Where the Movie Was Filmed). And Another Pig in The Movie Also Had a Happy Ending. The Sow Who Played Wilbur's Mother, Later Named Alice, Went to An Animal Shelter with Two Piglets.

Winston Churchill Appreciated the Pig

Winston Churchill Is Best Remembered for Serving as British Prime Minister During World War I. It Is a Pity That He Got Lost in The Sea of   Memorable Speeches and Quotes and That His Wise View of Pigs Went a Little Unnoticed. "I Like Pigs," Churchill Said. "Dogs Look at Us. Cats Look at Us with Contempt. Pigs Treats Us Equally." In Other Words, Dogs Seek Our Approval, Cats Are Care Less, But Intelligent and Sociable Pigs Are on A Much Equal Footing with Humans.

Some Pigs Know How to Surf

    Perhaps There Is a Reason Pigs Are a Favorite of Children’s and Fairy Tales Alike. Pigs Are the Most Intelligent and Sociable Animals Around. Celebrating This Year's Designation as The Year of The Pig on The Chinese Zodiac, Here Are A Few Things You Might Not Know About This Curly-Tailed Beauty.

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