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Wasn't the cat nocturnal? Reasons and countermeasures for cats to be active at nigh


cats to be active at nigh

Speaking of cats, you have the image of moving around actively while shining your eyes in the dark even at night. Cats are often thought of as "nocturnal," but did you know that they aren't? In this article, we will explain why cats are mistaken for nocturnal nature and their actual lifestyle. In addition, we will also introduce how to deal with owners who are in trouble because their cats are rampaging at night. Please refer to it.

The cat wasn't nocturnal!??

Many people may be surprised to hear that "cats are not nocturnal." First, let's look at the actual ecology of cats.

Cats are not truly nocturnal.

The cat has the image of becoming active at night, but the actual activity style is not nocturnal or diurnal, but is called "crepuscular animal". It may be an unfamiliar word, but it mainly refers to the most active hours of twilight (dawn) and dusk (dusk).

Among animals other than cats, dogs and rabbits are also said to be "crepuscular".

Sleep for a long time, but sleep lightly

The etymology of cats is that they sleep well enough to be said to be "cats". It seems that most of the daytime is spent sleeping rumbling, but in fact, the daytime sleep is not so deep, and it is said that there are many so-called "naps". This is a remnant of the fact that when cats used to hunt and live, they saved their physical strength so that they could move in the event of an emergency.

Birds that prey on cats start moving actively at dawn, and mice start moving actively from dusk. It fits perfectly with the ecology of "crepuscular" cats.

Why is it considered nocturnal?

I explained that cats are "crepuscular", but why is it considered nocturnal in the image of the world? It seems that the characteristics and lifestyle of cats are related to it.

Because you can see darker places better than humans

Speaking of cats, you have the image of keeping an eye out in the dark. Below the cat's retina is a layer called the "tapetum layer" that reflects incoming light. This acts as a reflector, allowing you to perceive an object even in the dark with a little light. It is this tapetum layer that makes cats "bright at night". This characteristic is also found in nocturnal animals hunting at night and deep-sea fish.

I sleep well in the daytime

As I mentioned earlier, cats spend most of their day sleeping. Most of the daytime sleep is a "nap", but from the perspective of us humans, it feels like "I'm sleeping well in the daytime."

I feel like I'm active at night

Those who have heard stray cats barking at night or encountered "night athletic meet" where domestic cats run around the room with slapstick will have the image that "cats become active at night".

Actually, it's not active at night, but for reasons such as "I was bored during the day and I was overpowered" and "I suddenly think about it and try to relieve my lack of exercise and stress". It seems that they are often making noise.

Because there are nocturnal animals in the cat family

Tigers, leopards, and jaguars, which belong to the same cat family, are nocturnal animals that hunt in the dark. Therefore, people tend to think that "carnivorous cats of the cat family = nocturnal", but even in the same cat family, cats and tigers have different lifestyles.

Why if it's not nocturnal? Why cats are active at night

Cats aren't really nocturnal, but some owners say, "I can't believe my cat isn't nocturnal because it gets active at night!"

What is the reason why cats are active at night? There are several hidden causes.

Troublesome behavior of night cats

Some of the behaviors of nocturnal cats that make you wonder, "Isn't it really nocturnal?"

It is a pattern that is woken up by domestic cats during the night by leaning on the sleeping place or launching a sweet bite or a licking attack. The behavior of a cat that is "Kite-chan" is cute, but I want you to let it lie down slowly at night.

Run around at night

The behavior of cats running around the room in the middle of the night is also called "cat athletic meet”. Some children run while groaning, which often interferes with the owner's good sleep.


He explained the surprisingly unknown real cat lifestyle and how to deal with cats that are not nocturnal but become active at night.

There are various reasons why a cat that is originally "crepuscular" becomes nocturnal, such as during estrus, lack of exercise, and stress. Take the right steps to regain a good night's sleep with your cat.

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