Friday, October 22, 2021

Top 5 Cat Favorite Things Ranking Get to know your cat's "likes" and get to know each other better



Cat Favorite Things

  1. Everyone knows "cardboard"

It is well known that cats like cardboard boxes, but they seem to prefer boxes that are a little smaller than their bodies. This is because the more parts that come into contact with the body, the calmer it is.

In addition, corrugated cardboard has excellent sound insulation because many layers of paper are stacked. It seems that cats like cardboard because the noise is reduced and they can stay quiet when they go inside the cardboard.

The cushioning of cardboard is comfortable, and some cats can go inside or get on top of it.

Let's install multiple cardboard boxes

I'm happy if there are many cardboard boxes I love. If you have more than one, you will have more places to stay, so it will be a comfortable space for cats.

  2. "Strings" that you can't help but play

The shape of the string resembles the tail of a mouse or the body of a snake, which seems to stimulate hunting instincts.

There is also a theory that he likes the strings that are close to him because he tends to prefer fibrous materials such as wool and cotton.

Braid the string into a toothbrush

Try braiding the strings and playing with them. When a cat bites a string, it enters the gap between the teeth and removes plaque, which can be used as a toothbrush.

  3. Looking out from the window

For cats who spend most of their day in the room, the outdoors, where cars and birds move around, seem to be more interesting than the indoor scenery, which has little change.

Especially for cats that have been out, there seems to be a strong interest in the outside.

Make a little screen door and feel the outside atmosphere

Cats can get enough stimulation even from the difference in sound and odor. Make it a little screen door and let it feel the outside sounds and smells. If you place a shelf near the window, you can enjoy the observation from a high position. At this time, be careful about escape.

  4. Place Beside the owner

Cats judge "people who can feel at ease" based on their odor, gestures, and appearance. And it seems that they often want to be near people who can feel at ease.

There is also a tendency to prefer people who do good things such as giving them a gohan and people who do not do bad things such as nail clippers.

Touch your body to check your health

A great chance to touch your body when a cat comes by! Touch your body to the extent that you don't usually dislike it, and check your health to see if there are any abnormalities.

  5. "Toys" that are fun to play with

Among toys, when playing with Jerash, it is time to communicate with people. It seems that there are many cats who enjoy playing with such toys and feel that they like them. Also, some cats are playing in response to toy materials and odors.

Let's play before taking care of cats

play with cats

Playing before taking care of cats, such as brushing and nail clippers, can be exhausting. If your cat is tired, you can take good care of it and reduce the time you don't like it. 

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If you know what you like about cats and why, it will be easier for you to communicate and you will be able to get along with your cat more

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